Friday Fiction: Too Much Turkey edition

Enjoy your dinner – and try to tolerate your relatives – this Holiday season. If you’re lucky enough to have some time off over the holidays, then you might need something to read. Here are a few new books from different genres we think you’ll enjoy. To view the full list of over 20 titles we recommend for the season, click here. Happy Holidays!

A collection of short stories takes place in an unsettling future where
humans’ growing dependence on new technologies results in social
media implants, memory manufacturers, harmfully immersive virtual
reality games, and disturbingly intuitive robots.
Overwhelmed by guilt when she walks away from an accident that
destroys her best friend’s future, Shelby connects with a circle of lost and
found souls, including a guardian angel, to fight her way back to her own
future. By the best-selling author of The Marriage of Opposites.
Stripped of her family’s privileges by the Nazi party in 1939 Berlin,
Hannah Rosenthal forges a pact that she will remain true to her best
friend, Leo, before embarking on a refugee ship bound for Havana,
where rumors of a deadly plot force her to make an impossible choice.
The family life and security of a Boston optometrist is shattered by his
wife’s growing obsession with a beautiful thoroughbred horse and her
dreams of becoming a serious competitor. By the best-selling author of
The Flight of Gemma Hardy.
A live news reader traveling the antebellum south is offered $50 to bring
an orphan girl, who was kidnapped and raised by Kiowa raiders, back to
her family in San Antonio in this new novel from the author of Enemy
An influential political cartoonist is paid an unexpected visit by a young
woman who upends his sense of personal history and forces him to
reevaluate his life, work and position in the world. By the award-winning
author of The Sound of Things Falling.