Parenting for Grandparents: Raising the Second Generation

Are you a grandparent that helps out with childcare? Are you a parent who needs your own parents look after the kids sometimes? If you missed our previous meeting in April, or if you want to come back for more advice, Wednesday, May 16 at 7:00 p.m. should be a great time to learn better ways to support yourself and your extended family.

JoAnne Cullinan and her granddaughter will facilitate a discussion group on the dilemmas facing grandparents who find themselves the primary or part-time care-takers of their grandchildren, a situation that seems more and more common of late. This open format discussion will offer a broad view of some of the challenges that “grandfamilies” are facing and will include recognizing the “maturation differences” and what that means for you and your grandchildren; the technological issues that are leaving most of us feeling baffled and overwhelmed; and some self-care tips.

Bring questions —and be ready to share information you have. JoAnne Cullinan  earned her BS in Behavioral Science and an MS in Counseling Psy she is also a Board Certified Life Coach. JoAnne will bring a list of books available and resources that might support the challenges you are facing.