PlaySpace Books in February

At our PlaySpace program on Tuesday mornings, we read a book to 2 and 3 year old children and then offer some related activities.

During the month of February we used Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? as our first book and Goodnight Moon as our next book.

Image of item    Image of item
We read both of these books and noticed the different art work and a slight change in the story.  Did you know there were 2 editions of this book?   Check out both at the same time, and compare them side by side.

Try some of our suggested activities for this book:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear…

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We read this book twice each week, and listened to Susan Sarandon read it once.  If your child was here for both sessions, she/he heard the book 5 times.  Repetition is very important.  Please continue to read your child’s favorite stories over and over and over and over.

Here are some activities for this book:  Goodnight Moon