Preschool books on Monday, October 5

Even though we had storytimes during the summer, it always feels brand new to me when we start again in the fall.  I did toddler storytimes in the summer, but it has been a very long time since I read books with preschoolers.

I began with one of my favorite books today: yuck! by Mick Manning   Children learn to read that word so quickly, and use it with great enthusiasm throughout the book.  Orange Pear Apple Bear sure beats Dr. Seuss in word count.  This entire book uses only these 4 words, with at least one word on each page.  Except there is a surprise word on the last page.
The children all enjoyed helping me make Tap the Magic Tree come alive.  We tapped, rubbed, blew and clapped our way through this book.  The last book we shared was Pete the Cat and His 4 Groovy Buttons.  Pete is such a cool cat.  Does Pete cry when he loses his buttons?  “Goodness, no.  Buttons come and buttons go.”
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