Summer Reading for preschoolers

Children do not need to read to be part of our summer reading program!  Out of the 1100 children who signed up last year, only 131 were preschoolers.  That means I haven’t done enough to encourage the youngest children to join.

July 18, 2013 Holidays | ��mlaut OOmlaut �mlaut!

Reading is an important skill that needs practice.  Teachers know that children who do not read over the summer lose some of their skills.  But reading to young children is also very important.  It is the most important way to prepare your child to read.

If there are 2 children in the family, one who reads and one who doesn’t, and the reader reads to the other child, you can count the time spent reading and listening on both logs.  Listening to audio books counts for all ages.  And we want to encourage parents to read aloud to their children throughout the elementary school years (at least). All that listening counts.  🙂