Toddler Storytime on Monday, March 7

We had a big group this morning.  I looked around the room at 10:00 and thought it was going to be really big after people who were running late arrived.  To my delight, there were only a handful of people running late today.  Almost everyone was in the room ready to begin at 10:00.  Thank you for putting in the effort to get here on time!

I knew I would be reading a book that was unfamiliar to many people, and the text was a bit confusing.  Great choice for a large group of toddlers (I say sarcastically.)

Image of item Because I knew it would be difficult, I projected some memory aids on the wall.  A child is sent to the store to get 6 farm fresh eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears and bacon.  We referred back to my list (with pictures for each item) when the boy got too forgetful. Spoiler alert: He really did a great job, except he forgot the bacon.

I told the children that I was sure they could remember to buy something the next time they went to the grocery store – whether by using their memories or by drawing a picture of an item.