2.18 Library Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Programs Policy

The Chelmsford Library is a welcoming place for all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and the library’s programs, and the organizations we partner with, will reflect this. In accordance with the library’s core mission, our programs “seek to enrich lives, extend personal and intellectual development, and enhance educational endeavors.” As stated in the Library’s collection development policy, “Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.” Our programs, as library resources, support the educational, cultural and recreational interests of all people of the Chelmsford community.

Program costs:

We are committed to providing resources at no cost to the public beyond their tax contribution, including programs. Our library relies on both the library’s operating budget and funds from the Friends of the Library Group to finance programs. Programs are provided free to the public. As such, no individual or organization offering programs on the library’s behalf may charge admission, or design programs solely to promote for-profit interests.

Exceptions to this may be:

  • When funds are being raised on the Library’s behalf by the Library’s Friends group or Board of Trustees
  • Authors or performers are offering books, CDs or other recordings of their work for sale to audiences at the conclusion of a library program

In the latter case, performers are responsible for handling transactions without the assistance of library staff or library volunteers, unless otherwise arranged by the Director, and operations are subject to approval by the Director.

In addition, based on timeliness, suitability, lack of expertise, redundancy of topic, negative feedback, or lack of community interest, the library reserves the right to refuse any organization’s or business’ request to offer a library program.

Program Bias:

The library strives to offer a variety of programming that is unbiased and nonpartisan, but is not responsible for the beliefs and partisan attitudes of individuals or organizations that were not apparent prior to hiring.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, June, 2017