Christopher Polson’s “Immersion”

This sculpture was created by artist Christopher Polson in 2017, specifically for the Library, as part of the creation of the Marjorie Scoboria Greenway and Carriage House.

Entitled “Immersion,” the sculpture represents how reading can totally immerse a person into the story, where our imagination merges the story and our thoughts into a new world.

Artist’s Statement:

IMMERSION: a) A deep mental involvement. b) Action of being submersed into water.
“Read a thousand books and your thoughts will flow like a river” – ancient Chinese proverb

The sculpture is sited on a wall of the Carriage House, overlooking the Greenway and in full view from the Main Library. It is constructed of 1/2″ Okoume marine grade plywood, painted with acrylic paint and covered with varnish spray, and attached to the building using stainless steel cables and anchors. The materials should withstand the elements of New England weather, while the mounting technique allows it to move and flow as natural forces act upon it.