3.6 Public Assembly Practices

In order to maintain safety on Library grounds, the Library Board of Trustees have adopted the following practices:

Groups must not gather:

  • within 18’ of either side of the main entry stairs, measured from the concrete footings at the base of the stairway.
  • on the sidewalk fronting all handicap-reserved parking spaces near the handicap ramp into the main entry.
  • in any handicap-reserved parking spaces anywhere on Library grounds.
  • at the entrance to, exit from, or anywhere on the handicap ramp into the main entry or any other handicap-accessible entrances/exits.
  • at the entrance to either the handicap ramp or the stairs to the staff/delivery entrance nor on the sidewalk leading to these (a distance of 4 parking spaces from the grass-end of the parking lot).


Safe administration:

If a public gathering impedes access to library resources, premises, or an area of premises, the group will be asked to move into allowable areas. If staff requests are not followed, the Town Police or other Department will be called to assist with enforcement.

If a public gathering appears to be endangering the safety or health of others, staff will give instructions to stop any dangerous activity and/or will request assistance from the Town Police or other safety officials.

Adopted, Library Board of Trustees, February, 2023