2.8 Computer Use Policy

Computers are provided to enhance the mission of the Chelmsford Public Library. This policy sets out appropriate use of the Library public computers in order to ensure the maximum library-related use of limited numbers of public computers, to prevent damage to library computing resources, and to provide guidelines for use.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Computers and networks can provide access to resources as well as the ability to communicate with others worldwide. Such open access is a privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly. Users must respect the rights and sensibilities of others. They must respect the integrity of the computer systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws and regulations.

Library computers are provided for:

  • Access to library catalogs
  • Access to informational databases provided by the Library
  • Access to Internet resources
  • Word processing and other standard office software applications.
  • Printing files from removable storage devices or the internet in Black & White or Color
  • Scanning to a file or removable storage device

In addition to the Library’s Appropriate Library Behavior Policy the following guidelines apply:

  • Users must follow posted procedures
  • Users may not install, delete, or modify Library hardware or software
  • Patrons using a computer to play games, watch videos with sound, or listen to music must use headphones
  • Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:
    • Displaying materials that can be considered objectionable according to the Appropriate Library Behavior Policy
    • Attempting to alter default settings in any way
      Attempting to violate any security system on a computer or network
    • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Chelmsford Library or other users
    • Using library resources to harm or disrupt the resources of other persons or institutions
    • Using the machines in any way that violates local, state, or federal law

The Library reserves the right to terminate the library privileges of any person abusing the above principles.

The Chelmsford Public Library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s disk, USB drive or computer or for any loss of data, or liability that may occur from patron use of Library computers or electronic resources.

Approved, Library Board of Trustees, December 2015