4.2 Gift / Donation Policy

The Chelmsford Board of Library Trustees welcomes and encourages gifts and donations which are consistent with the Library’s Mission Statement.

Print and Non-Print Materials

The Library is pleased to accept print (books) and non-print (DVDs, CDs, etc.) materials when they comply with the Library’s Material’s Selection Policy. All gifts are accepted with the understanding that if the Library is unable to use the materials, they will be donated to the Friends of the Library Book Sale. Unused donations cannot be returned to the donor. This should be clearly stated to the donor at the time of the donation.

We’re sorry, but we cannot accept donations of the following items: Magazines (including National Geographic), encyclopedias or textbooks more than 4 years old, Reader’s Digest Condensed books.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be made in a number of ways:

  • Memorial gifts: The Library will be pleased to select appropriate titles in memory of a relative or friend, as indicated on the donation form. A gift plate will be added to each purchased item with the name of the person being honored. Notification of the gift will be sent to the person designated on the donation form.
  • Chelmsford Public Library Gift Fund: These funds, donated by individuals, groups or corporations will be spent as requested on the donation form. A gift plate will be placed in each purchased item with the name of the donor. Funds can be designated to purchase materials:
    • In a particular subject area
    • For a particular department
    • For the main library or the branch
    • Or as an unrestricted gift.
  • Chelmsford Library Endowment Fund: Funds will be preserved for future library needs, such as library expansion or capital improvements, that public funding alone cannot meet.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Assets: Through gifts of publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares, you have the advantage of seeing your donation at work helping the Library. Gifts of highly appreciated stock or securities provide you with a charitable tax deduction, avoidance of capital gains tax, and the satisfaction of helping the Library. You can also receive similar benefits from gifts of appreciated real estate.
  • Bequests: A bequest to the Chelmsford Public Library creates a legacy for generations of children of families. Many generous donors have remembered the Library as they prepare or revise their wills.

Other Gifts

Gifts and donations other than items which can be used in the Library’s collection (such as art, furniture, etc.) or monetary gifts (as listed above) must be discussed with the Library Director. All conditions pertaining to the donation must be clearly stated at that time. The Library Board of Trustees will make the final determination to accept or decline the gift.

These gifts will be considered in light of the following criteria:

    • Relevance to the Library’s Mission Statement
    • Space required to house or store the gift(s)
    • Cost to maintain or preserve the gift(s)

All gifts and donations accepted by the Board of Library Trustees become the property of the Chelmsford Public Library and may be sold or discarded as the Board sees fit.

Gifts to Library Staff

Individual Library staff cannot accept valuable gifts or any form of currency for the services they provide as library staff. Appreciative patrons are encouraged to make contributions to the library as a whole, or provide a gift that all staff can enjoy equally. This policy is to ensure that staff will treat all members of the public equally, and that no preferential treatment is shown or expected.


The Library can provide receipts for gifts only in the following cases:

  • Cash or check donations: a receipt will be sent in the form of a letter stating the amount donated.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Assets: a receipt will be sent in the form of a letter describing the assets. The donor is responsible for assigning and documenting monetary value for tax purposes.
  • All other donations: a receipt will be given only at the time of the donation, if requested. The receipt will list the number and type of donation only. The donor is responsible for assigning and documenting monetary value for tax purposes.
  • The Library cannot give receipts for previously donated material.

Approved, Library Board of Trustees, December 2015