Are you experienced?

img_2056img_2051How about a trip to Paris without the expense or travel? Maybe you’d prefer a cool weekend with the kids filled with fun and interesting projects? Well, now you can do both with our Experience Bags!

We’ve gathered together different items (books, movies, DVDs, even video games) around a certain theme and packaged them up in a tote to create an Experience.

For example, the “Taste of Italy” bag is filled with a cookbook, a book on Italian wine, an Opera CD, a food-themed novel, and a couple of movies known for featuring Italian food. See how it works? Check out all the collections below:

Reserve a kit in our catalog, or find one of the luggage tags, displayed on the kiosk in the Library’s lobby, and experience something new this weekend!

Have an idea for a theme we can build around? Let one of our BookWise librarians know and we’ll design the rest.