Blind Date with a Book is Back!



Blind Date with a Book is back–for a limited time only!  Stop by our display area to check out the blind dates we’ve arranged.  Read the description on a book to see if you’re interested in dating it–no peeking!  Once you’ve selected your “date,” grab a “Rate Your Date” bookmark and bring your date to the desk.  Check out your date, take it home, and unwrap it!


Not interested in this particular date?  No problem–no commitment necessary.  Circle “No chemistry” on your Rate Your Date sheet and bring it and the book back.  Ready to date your book?  Start reading!  Once you’re done, fill out your Rate Your Date sheet and bring both back to the library.  There is a box for the completed “Rate Your Date” sheets at the Reader Services desk.


You can check out as many Blind Dates as you’d like.  Just remember to Rate Your Dates once you’ve finished with them.  We want to hear how your date went!


If book dating isn’t your thing, you can still show us some love.  Stop by the Reader Services desk, grab a paper heart, and let us know what you love about your library.  We also have some “punny” Valentines for you to take home and give out to your friends.  There’s a lot to love about the Chelmsford Library every day, but make sure you celebrate with us this month!