Book for Toddlers on Monday, November 16

I read Pass the Cheese, Please by Barbara Shook Hazen and illustrated by Paul Harvey.  I don’t have a picture to illustrate this book and tie it to our catalog.  I think it is only published as a “big book” for use in preschool classrooms.  I usually read it in November to introduce manners right before Thanksgiving.

Thank You in Baby Sign Language

This year I taught the children and the grownups how to say Please and Thank You in American Sign Language.  With your hand open, place your palm on your chest and move it in a circle for Please.  With your hand open and your palm facing you, touch your face near or on your lips. Bring your arm down toward the person you are thanking.  Some people end with the hand resting in your other hand.  Some people stop when it is pointing at the person.  The sign for good often ends with one hand in the other.  It gets a bit confusing.

There are many variations in the way the deaf community uses signs.  When we are using signs with young children, we tend to simplify things.  After all, we’ll only get an approximation from the children.

I often use when I want to learn a sign.  You can restrict this site to just baby signs if you want.

I like the following site as well.  Dr. Bill shows the signs, but he also discusses the differences in how people use them.  For instance, I use 2 hands when I sign happy in storytime.  I guess that means I’m very happy.  You can also use 2 hands for Thank You to show how grateful you are.

Thank you to all of you, children and grownups, who help me in our storytimes.