Books are a Uniquely Portable Magic — SK

As a librarian, I am often asked about my reading habits–what was the last book I read, how often do I spend reading, and who my favorite author is.  For the record the answers to the previous queries are: Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen,  about an hour a day (more on days off when I can sit in the sun and relax with a book), and Stephen King.

I LOVE Stephen King’s writing.  His short stories, novellas, and door-stop sized novels are always a joy for me to read.  You may be asking how horror novels can be a joy to read, but if you’re asking that you’ve probably never read SK.  In King’s writing the horror and supernatural elements are secondary to his wonderful characters and driving narratives–which isn’t to imply that the horror isn’t present…it absolutely is.  I freely admit that I love a good scare and I’m never disappointed with Stephen King.


I feel very lucky to count Stephen King as my favorite writer.  I immediately devour every new book of his that’s published, but I take my time savoring his back list of titles.  I’ve read 27 books by Stephen King and I always go back for another one when I need to be reminded how much I love reading.

For work (and my own personal interest) I read a lot of YA fiction.  I try to keep on top of award lists and titles that have garnered starred reviews, as well as recommendations from teens I speak with at the library.  Sometimes in the midst of all that reading I get a little overwhelmed and I start to experience the feeling that my reading is an extension of work instead of something I love to do.  Whenever I start to feel this way, I find a tattered SK paperback (I buy them at garage sales) out of  the horde in my closet and–the moment it’s opened–my love for reading is rekindled.

Who’s your favorite author?

batgirl21 ~Tricia is the Teen Services Librarian at CPL and can’t wait to get  home and finish Different Seasons.