Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, December 2

This week we read stories about dogs, cats, and other pets.

Image of item We began with The Best Thing about a Puppy, but quickly learned that there are so many great things, it’s hard to pick just one! This book shows that taking care of a puppy is hard work, but ultimately very rewarding.





Image of item In this Caldecott award-winning book, Kitten sees the full moon for the first time. But having never seen the moon before, she mistakes it for a bowl of milk, and she wants it! Kitten does everything she can to get to the bowl of milk, but is increasingly disappointed as the night stretches on. Poor kitten!




Image of item No storytime about pets would be complete without this lift-the-flap classic by Rod Campbell. The narrator asks the zoo to send a pet, but the zoo can’t seem to get it right. First they send an elephant (too big!), then a lion (too fierce!), a monkey (too naughty!), and many more animals, before finally finding the perfect pet.




Image of item When George’s mother tells him to bark, George says “Meow!” He tries again, but keeps making the wrong sounds until his frustrated mother brings him to the vet. Can the vet get to the bottom of the problem?




Image of item Bud and Gabby are the best of friends. When Gabby gets sick, Bud finds that things are just not the same without her. When she gets home from her visit to the veterinarian, Bud shows her just how special their friendship is.