Check out Our Board Games!

Game On! You can now take home a board game from the Chelmsford Library!

We’re starting with 50+ games for all ages, with a mix of classic and modern games. Patrons cane take home a game for three weeks, and renew it twice if no one is waiting. There are no limits on how many you can check out at once, but you have to pick it up at the Chelmsford Library (they won’t be sent to other libraries).

Each game has a list on the box of what should be included to play. Staff will try hard to count these every time a game is returned, but if you notice something missing, please let us know. Please also try to make sure to return the big four-way rubber band holding the box closed too, so nothing falls out.

The board games are located between the New Books Room and the Newspapers, on the Main Level. See the full list of board games in the catalog. We’re always open to recommendations too, so let us know what is your favorite!