Download Now: Meditation and Mindfulness

On Sunday, we hosted our first virtual, live mindfulness and mediation session with Lina Shastri of Art of Living via a virtual conferencing application, and it was actually really wonderful, even with the technological intermediary. If you were unable to join us for this session, we will hopefully have another coming up soon, so check our emails and our Facebook page. In the meantime, please check out some excellent mindfulness and mediation resources we have available right now through the library. Read through this list of books, audio books, music, instructional video and courses. click on the images to be taken to the item, and check out what else might appeal to you:

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Meditation for Your Kids title
Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety - ebook Peace Is Every Step - Audiobook
Title details for The Magic of Meditation by Marie Champeaux-Cunin - Available The Method: Meditation Through Movement - Video
Check out the courses available in Universal Class for free with your library card in everything from Anxiety reduction to Yoga:

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