English Conversation Circle Volunteer Needed


What’s an English Conversation Circle? It’s a weekly group meeting where new English speakers can practice their skills. We have two each Tuesday: the morning circle is for beginners, and the afternoon for more advanced students.

We are in need of a new volunteer to run the morning, beginners’ circle. We need someone who enjoys talking to all kinds of people, building friendships and encouraging conversation among the group members. The circle is a fun, safe place where new English speakers can ask questions and learn from one another. You might have a few discussion topics planned, an article from a New Reader newsletter to share, or an English exercise to lead, but you would mostly take your cues from what the group members want to learn or talk about. Class is one hour per week starting at 10am, and prep time is estimated at less than an hour a week. You would have access to our collection of ESL materials as well as our copy machine. The group is currently meeting on Zoom, but may switch to in-person or a combination as conditions improve.

Training as an ESL teacher or tutor is preferred, and a desire to help people is a must. Previous volunteers have found this to be a very rewarding experience.

Please contact Vickie Turcotte, vturcotte@chelmsfordlibrary.org or 978-256-5521 x1106 for more information.