Friday Fiction – Holiday Book-Buying edition!

Here we are in the thick of another holiday season trying to figure out which books are going to be favorites for the people on our list. Well, scratch the task of matching books to readers off your to-do list! We’ve put together this list of our fiction favorites from the last 12 months that will make great gifts this year.

Check out all of the complete lists on our Reading room page, and, while you’re there, check out our other blog posts, like this one, for even more recommendations. And of course, contact us directly, in the library or through our Bookwise service for reviews or recommendations anytime!

Great books to give if they like:

Science Fiction: Back to the Future: The Martian:             
Black Mirror: The Handmaid’s Tale: Stranger Things:
Gone Girl:
Mean Girls:                      Stories from the city: 
Holiday classics:
Celebrity Tell-Alls: Historical Fiction:  
Hollywood scandals: Foodie culture: Cooking shows:       
College adventures:

Much ado about nothing:
Political scandals:
Hockey:                Puzzles:                        
Stories about strong young people:
Funny, quirky characters:
Romance in France:
National Parks:
Texas noir:           Alaskan Wilderness:
Snow and micro-brews: 
Humor and heartbreak: Bio-Terror:       
Dance:          Dark Fairy tales:
Edge-of-your-seat thrillers:       33155777