June Is Pride Month!

June is Pride Month! We hope you will attend one of our events or browse the many displays throughout the library. We will be spending the month reading some great memoirs and novels that focus on LGBTQIA authors and themes. Here are a few of our favorites so far, and don’t forget to check out our reading list below!

Deanna recommends:

Like a House On Fire by Lauren McBrayer

Meritt is at a crossroads in her life.  She loves her family, but she needs something more so she decides to return to the career she abandoned when she had her first child.  She lands a job at an architectural firm, working for the beautiful, witty, and charming Jane.  They immediately hit it off, getting along “like a house on fire”, their working relationship quickly turning into a close friendship. Before long, Meritt starts to feel something more for Jane, but will she have the courage to act on it?  This is a book about friendship, about falling in love, and about being true to yourself – however unexpected the new path might be.

Laura recommends:

Becoming a Man by P. Carl

Becoming a Man is a thoughtful and reflective memoir which chronicles the author, P. Carl’s, midlife transition. Carl contemplates his manhood at a time when toxic masculinity permeated the American political landscape and the #MeToo movement continued to gain traction. Carl does not gloss over any of the hardships of his lived experience nor does he forget to consider the privileges he holds as a white man living in America. Isolation, love, fear, acceptance, anger, honesty, and healing all have a place in Carl’s path to becoming a man. A deeply engaging and personal read.