New Carpet Downstairs & Children’s

Starting right after Labor Day, we’ll be continuing with the library’s re-carpeting project. Just like Phase 1 on the main level, this will also require sections of the library to be closed while the installers do their work.

Lower Level Closed Sept. 3-6
The plan right now is to begin on the lower level on Tuesday, September 3rd. The installers estimate it will take them all week to complete that level. During that week, the entire lower level will be closed to patrons. We’ll be moving as many computers and other resources as possible upstairs, and staff will be available to retrieve books for patrons.

Children’s Room Closed Sept. 9-12
After the lower level is finished, the installers will be moving to the Children’s Room. Right now this is anticipated to start on Monday, September 9th. However, we will adjust this schedule depending on how quickly the installers are finished downstairs. The Children’s Room will be closed during this time. During the work, part of the McCarthy Meeting Room will be a temporary Children’s Room, with a play area, books, craft table, iPads and computers, and staff able to retrieve books from the Children’s Room.

We apologize for the disruption, but the improvements we’re making will be worth it (especially in the Children’s Room!).