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Early Literacy Tips of the Week

Talk – After reading a book together, ask your child to tell you the story in their own words.

Sing – “Little Bunny Foo Foo” is a fun seasonally appropriate song to sing (though I certainly sing it year round)! Check out this cute video version! Lyrics:

  • (sing) Little Bunny Foo Foo
  • Went hopping through the forest
  • Scooping up the field mice
  • And bopping them on the head
  • (speak) Down came the good fairy and she said,
  • (sing) “Little Bunny Foo Foo
  • I don’t want to see you
  • Scooping up the field mice
  • And bopping them on the head
  • (speak) I’ll give you three chances and if you don’t behave, I’ll turn you into a goon!” The next day…

Repeat the whole thing from the beginning 3 more times. On the final time, the fairy says, “I gave you three chances and you didn’t behave. Now you’re a goon – POOF!”

For added fun, use your index and middle fingers to make bunny ears that hop along, then turn your hand into a scoop and “bop” it on top of your other hand.

Read – Don’t read just books! When you’re out with your child, point out text wherever you can, showing your child how important learning to read is. For instance, point out signs on the road.

Write – Put some flour on a baking sheet and help your child trace the letters of their name with their index finger.

Play – When children play with toys, they come to understand that one item represents another, just like letters represent sounds. Play with blocks and pretend they’re different common items, such as by holding one up to your ear to pretend it’s a telephone, or pushing it across the floor with a “vroom” sound to represent a vehicle.