Scholarship Season is coming…

Hey there teens!

A little bird told me that the CHSAA Scholarship Deadline is fast approaching, and that got me to thinking – there are some amazing resources available in the library that can come in handy for test prep, finding and applying for scholarships, and college searches.

So, without further ado, I am proud to present…

  • Our “EDU” section – you may have stumbled across it while searching the Y Series. There are some amazing College guides, Test Prep guides, guides to paying for school… definitely worth a browse.
  • QuizHub is great if you love online quizzes, but want to test your knowledge on something a little more substantial than which house you would be in at Hogwarts (not that I don’t love Pottermore)
  • For free & fast flashcards for pretty much any subject imaginable, check out StudyStack – they even have flashcards available for Standardized Tests like the SAT and ACT.
  • If you want to do some advanced learning for fun or just want to get a flavor for college coursework, try out an online course through EdX or MIT Open Courseware
  • And don’t forget, there are some pretty awesome librarians here who are always happy to help you out

And finally, when your brain needs a break, hop on over to hoopla TV and binge-watch something good. You deserve it 🙂