Summer Reading Challenge – Vacation Reads

We hope everyone is off to a good start on this year’s Summer Reading Challenge!  If you have not started, stop by the library to pick up your game card, or print it HERE.

We always like to help with book recommendations, so this week we thought we would suggest a few titles for “Read a book in which the characters go on vacation”.  Because, really, wouldn’t we all like to be on vacation in July?  Well, we can read about it at least!

There are all kinds of books on this list – from when vacations are full of sun and romance, to creepy thrillers where vacations are, shall we say, not so fun.   A personal favorite is He Started It by Samantha Downing, in which a group of siblings set out to recreate a family road trip in order to meet the terms of their father’s will and gain their inheritance.  What could possibly go wrong?  See below for other great suggestions!

Happy reading!