Family Day Care Traveling Storytimes – May 2016

Traveling to Family Day Cares this past month brought great enthusiasm from all.  There was one week of solid rain and we felt it during storytimes.  The children were antsy and restless.  During those times, we did lots of movement and interacting with songs and books.  Bringing out the shaker eggs always brings excitement but with one of the songs the children really enjoy shaking (tapping, clapping, waving) the eggs and then stopping.  Using the sign for “stop,” the children shake their egg and then there is great silence when we get to “stop!”ASL stop - /sign_language/ASL_words/ASL_stop.png.html

Big Sarah's Little Boots by Paulette Bourgeois — Reviews, Discussion ...The rainy days made the book Big Sarah’s Little Boots by Paulette Bourgeois very appropriate to read.  In the story, Sarah loves her old rain boots and is pretty sure that the boots have shrunk.  After trying many different ways of trying to stretch out the books, Sarah and her mom end up at the shoe store to pick out a new pair of rain boots.  With a heart warming ending, the story interested all the children.

Another story the children could really relate to was Jackson’s Blanket by Nancy Cote.  This Image of itemis another story about an object that the main character is not ready to give up.  Jackson’s family feels like it is time for him to pack his favorite blanket away since “blankets are for babies.”  Jackson is not ready to do this and finds a wonderful solution to his problem.  This story brought lots of smiles to everyone.

Image of itemThe story Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs is about the friendship between Lily and Bear.  I really like this story because it shares the idea of being friends and doing things together that each person enjoys.  In this story, Lily and Bear draw pictures and ride tricycles and then they pick berries and scratch their back on trees.  A great lesson in the story for all ages.