Our non-traditional collection is growing!

Summer’s here – time get back on your bike! If your bike has been in storage all winter, it might be time for a tune up. Now you can give your bike the love it needs from home with one of our bike maintenance kits! The Main and MacKay branch libraries now own a complete set of bike mechanic tools that you can check out for a week to keep your bike running smoothly.

Each kit includes:

  • a fold up hex wrench set
  • a chain checker
  • a Mini chain brute chain tool
  • a professional cable & housing cutter
  • Master link plyers
  • a GearClean Brush
  • a home mechanic pedal wrench
  • a Torx compatible L wrench
  • a triple spoke wrench
  • a #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • a patch kit
  • a tire lever set
  • a container of bicycle lubricant
  • a guide to identifying the tools in the kit

All of these tools are contained in a compact, portable toolbox. Come and check out the kit, tune up your ride, then get out on the bike trails! And check out all the unexpected things you can borrow from our expanding library of things here, including a ukulele, puzzles, a telescope and more. Have an idea for something that you think we should lend out? Let us know!