Proper Care & Feeding of DVDs

DVDWe love our DVDs,
And we know you do too.
We’re sure you want to
take good care of them –
here’s what to do:


  • Press the center button to release the DVD from the case (you shouldn’t have to force the disk out)
  • Enjoy a snack or drink while watching (but not while handling the DVD or its case.)
  • Handle the disk by the edges only (you’d be surprised how easy it is to scratch the disk, and dirty/smudged disks don’t play right, either)
  • Keep the DVD in the case when you’re not watching it (cases get lonely when they’re separated for a long time, or brought back to the library without the disk.)
  • Teach your family the right way to handle DVDs.
  • Let us know if there’s a problem with the disk, so we can fix it for you and the next person who wants to borrow it, too.
  • Renew it, or bring it back on time (so someone else can love it, too)

Sorry, here’s one DON’T:

  • DON’T try to clean the disk yourself unless you have a disk-cleaning system – doing it the wrong way can ruin the disk.

These DOs and a DON’T will ensure that we can all love our DVDs for years to come.

These guidelines, along with the Proper Care & Feeding of books, are also available for printing as a bookmark [pdf, 90kb].