Real Librarians of Chelmsford

We asked Jill…

What was your first library?

Kellogg Hubbard Library, Montpelier, VT.  My memories of this place are about the building and being in the space.  The children’s room was in the basement with multiple nooks with books and I remember there being vines inside, which I thought was magic.


What is on your nightstand right now?

1-3 library books at all times. Currently, Billy Summers by Stephen King, Home Winemaking and The Mediterranean Diet. TBR Piles (a couple) of books from used book sale .”




What book do you like to recommend to patrons?




Why do you love working in the library?

“I’ve always been drawn to libraries, books and the world of information – talking about it, reading about it and learning about it.  Being surrounded by books and the quiet calm of a library is one of my favorite things.”