While you’re waiting for… Book Lovers

Nothing says Summer like those fun, colorful, romantic comedies. With tropes like “enemies to lovers,” “opposites attract,” and “fake relationship,” these books charm with strong characters, witty dialogue, and an upbeat, fast-pace to a heartwarming conclusion – the perfect beach companion.

This Summer’s hit is the latest from Emily Henry called Book Lovers. In Book Lovers, fierce publishing exec, Nora Stephens, encounters her New York nemesis, arrogant and brooding editor Charlie Lastra, while both are on leave from the city in small town North Carolina. The two big-city personalities clash at first, but, over a mutually adored manuscript they are both eager to work on, soon enough sparks fly. There are already over 100 holds on this new title, but don’t worry! We have some other great titles that will evoke those feelings of Summer love for you to enjoy while you wait.

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory: Jasmine Guillory is a major force in this genre. Her books incorporate diverse characters in fun settings, often involving food. The Wedding Date is the first book in her Wedding Date series. A minor character in one novel becomes the star of the next, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be read in order. In The Wedding Date, a chance romantic encounter in an elevator leads Drew, a doctor from LA, to invite Alexa, an executive chef from Berkeley, to be his plus one to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. What starts out as a purely physical attraction soon becomes much more as they continue to see each other. Cultural diversity in characters and settings adds depth to these romances, and side characters broaden the perspective and allow the author to show off some great wit.

The Ex-Talk, by Rachel Lynn Solomon: For more love between feuding professionals, like in The Book Lovers, try The Ex-Talk. Shay Goldstein has been working in her dream job as producer at Seattle Public Radio since she was 19. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her life, until she starts butting heads with arrogant newbie, Dominic Yoon. When Shay comes up with an idea for a program where exes give relationship advice, her boss, having noticed the tension between her and Dominic, suggests they team up as hosts. As the show’s success increases, so does the chemistry between Shay and Dominic. This is a smart, funny enemies-to-lovers story that’s perfect for pool-side.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston: If you like quirky, coming of age romantic comedies about characters living in the city, try Casey McQuiston’s latest novel, One Last Stop. August Landry has just moved to Brooklyn after a childhood playing detective side-kick to her conspiracy theorist mother. Now independent, August is also alone and figuring out who she is. On the subway, she meets hip punk-rocker Jane Su, and the two hit it off right away. From then on, every time August enters the subway train, Jane Su is there, and as their relationship develops a group of friends emerges too. There’s just one problem though: Jane can never leave the train. Find out how the two find happiness in this engaging and original story about discovering one’s place in the world.