Library Policies & Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

The Chelmsford Public Library provides a welcoming, inviting public space for users of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The Library seeks to be an integral part of its community by offering a variety of materials, services, and programs to enrich daily lives, extend personal and intellectual development, and enhance educational endeavors. Users will be assisted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff committed to excellent customer service; collections will reflect diverse interests, ideas, and information, and the library facility will exist for both library and community activities.

Approved by the Library Trustees, January 20, 1993
Revised, June 9, 1999

Areas of Emphasis

  • Popular Materials Library: The Library provides current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for community members of all ages
  • Preschoolers’ Door to Learning: The Library encourages young children to develop an interest in reading and learning through services for children, parents and professionals who work with children
  • Independent Learning Center: The Library supports individuals of all ages in their pursuit of self-directed personal growth and lifelong learning
  • Reference Library: The Library is a resource for accurate, timely and useful information on a broad array of topics related to work, school and personal life
  • Community Gathering Place: The Library is an inviting public space which fulfills the need for people to come together and share ideas. It is a central focus point for community activities, meetings and services

Library Policies

Section I: Personnel

Section II: Library Services




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